Unconditional Love: Jane Shorb

My name is Jane and I am the mother of a recovering addict. My son, Korey struggled with addiction from the age of 17 years old up to when he got clean at the age of 30. My son was a criminal in the eyes of the law and had served a 5 year prison sentence, but as his Mother I knew what a good person he was when not under the influence of drugs. I even wrote the warden a letter letting him know that. He said I was the first Mom he ever got a letter from. I guess that is why I pretty much believed everything he told me when it came to needing money & borrowing my car. The new car that I only had for 2 weeks before he totaled it in Baltimore. He had taken me to my local doctor appointment and dropped me off. He said he would be back in an hour to pick me up. An hour turned into me having to walk home, worrying where and how he was and where was my car. A single mom with 1 income I was thinking the worst. The call came from him later telling me that he had totaled my car and had minor injuries. I cried so hard but was thankful he was okay. This was not the only time my car disappeared. He took it to Baltimore and was arrested. As a result it was impounded so I had to pay to get it out of impound. I hated that my car felt dirty to me knowing there were drugs and needles in it and God only knows who was in it so I decided to trade it in. Korey’s response to that was, “I did you a favor Mom, now you have a nicer car.” There were times when I would come home from work and would find needles on my floor but of course they weren’t Korey’s (someone else must have been there) Living with an addict is heart breaking and sometimes I would think…who is going to die from this first him or me. I loved Korey so much that he tells me now I was loving him to death. I was an enabler and didn’t even realize it. That broke my heart to hear him say but it was true now that I look back on it. I was so depressed and my heart ached for him. I watched him lay on the sofa and shake. I would cover him up and he would beg me to please find him some drugs. He would say, Mom I don’t want to be like this!!!! Just writing this after all these years I still cry. It’s something you will never forget. I had to sleep with my purse in bed with me and keep my bedroom door locked. There were times when I was afraid of my own child. I knew this person who had stolen my rent money and my checks was not the same person I raised. Everyone saw what this was doing to me and they would say there is nothing you can do—GIVE UP ON HIM. This was something I was not willing to do and decided to fight even harder. Everyone needs to realize this is a Disease. Just like alcohol and cigarettes but thousands of times worse. I wrote letters to this TV show called Intervention asking for their help and they responded with how much money I needed to send him to the rehab, which I could not afford so that was not an option. I became more depressed to the point that when I came home from work I pulled down the blinds, locked the doors and sat and cried just hoping no-one would call or knock on the door. I didn’t want to hear the negativity. Korey had even robbed family members so I felt nobody understood the power of drug addiction. He had felony charges so not many wanted to give him a second chance. Nobody until I wrote a letter to Drug Court and ask them to please give him a chance to show he can change and they did just that. Drug Court turned Korey’s life around—sure he had his setbacks but he fought through them.

I want all of the Mom’s and Dad’s to know there is always hope in this fight against drugs. Follow your hearts and don’t give up on them no matter how hard it seems. Never stop loving them or praying which I did a lot of. I also find that I don’t pass judgment now because I know what they are going through. These drugs are tearing families apart and taking innocent lives.

Korey went from living on the streets of Baltimore to starting the Up & Out Foundation, serving a 3 year term on the Frederick County Substance Abuse Council, receiving the 2nd Chance Do-Gooder Award and many other accomplishments. This is a true testament that you can GET UP AND OUT from these drugs. His goal is to help as many as he possibly can. He tells me never look down on someone unless you are helping them up. I am proud to say Korey is my son and I don’t have to hide behind locked doors anymore ashamed of what people are thinking or saying.

Today he is a great son and a wonderful dad to his beautiful 4 year old daughter Kalynn whom I would never have gotten the pleasure of loving if he had not gotten clean.

  1. Wonderful story . I agree, Korey is an inspiration to many!

  2. Great story thanks for sharing so proud of you korey you will help n touch so many lives a great inspiration for many you and your mom 😊 Dont stop doing what you do dont forget by grace you are saved

  3. Thank you Jane. Sometimes the best blessings only come after a long time and a hard road. I know that a lot of his desire to get better, and to help others do the same, come from his Mom. God bless you dear lady!

  4. You are both shining stars!💗💗

    I am in recovery as well and remember all too well what I put family and friends through and especially myself.

    Jane, you are a caring and loving Mom who has faith and didn’t give up on your son. You’re so strong and courageous as you tell your story. I’m sure you’ve grown a lot your self through this experience. God bless you💗💗💗

  5. You have no idea how much I needed to read this today. Today was the day my ex husband and I drove our 22 year old son 7 hours from Frederick to North Carolina for drug rehabilitation today. As a parent watching your child suffer is the hardest thing in the world. Thank you for sharing your story from the mother’s view as it means so much.

  6. I met Kory many years ago when I worked for a partnership between “JTA” and P103. I could tell that he was a nice guy underneath the addiction. I’ve sort of followed his story over the years via the FNP and I’m so happy for him and your family!


  8. Thank you for sharing your story. It brings tears to my eyes. You did a great job. I’m so proud of Korey. Your story is inspirational.

  9. Thanx for sharing! Your story made me cry!! I am a mom and have been in those footsteps with my 30 year old son!! I keep by my bedside table a book called ‘Stay Close!! And I pray everyday for him! I am a good mother and I love my son!

  10. Good bless you for loving your son through his addiction. Only a mother’s love and the Grace of God could save him. Thank you for sharing.

  11. It makes my heart happy to hear of someone turning that corner. I have dealt with my daughter for years and after this last prison sentence I believe she got it. She’s currently working and wants to be a drug counselor for teens. It can happen just stay on ur knees and trust God.

  12. I too am a mother with a son addicted to heroin. He is 21 and currently in rehab for the 6th time. I pray every day for him and pray even harder that this time will be different. I know I am a good mother and am very proud of my son. Addiction is a disease and we all need to work very hard at fighting the stigma of it. Thank you so much for sharing. Korey is a great guy and I am thankful I have met him.

  13. Thank you Jane for sharing your story. It was so uplifting! I have heard Korey speak many times and each time I come away with a renewed strength as well as empathy for my son and others that faced the disease of addiction. I was clueless about the extent of our sons drug use until items started disappearing from our home. Our family was devastated and I began to believe many times that I would not survive myself. Like you, I thought I was being helpful until I too was told I was loving him to death. It’s hard to hear but it made me more determined but not in my old enabling ways. My son is now drug free, working hard on his sobriety and new life and we are so proud of him. My daughter, who was previously a school teacher, has now dedicated her time to assist Korey in educating the public about addiction and providing people hope through the Up and Out Foundation. We are so proud of her dedication and compassion for this wonderful foundation. Up and Out not only helps people in our community see a way out of addiction but also helps their loved ones! The impact is far reaching and I’m so grateful that Korey and his foundation has touched our lives! ❤️

  14. I just saw this and that is what I have been going through with my daughter. My daughter is in jail right now and today she has a court date in Florida and might be going to prison. I love her so much and worry about her everyday. In April I lost my mother and then she disappeared. I couldn’t stay in Florida anymore and moved to Maryland to live with my sister so I could get back on my feet. My daughter stole money from me, computers, laptops, her kids xboxes just anything she could pawn. I haven’t talked to her now for 3 months. I so miss her. Her oldest son loves her but says he doesn’t care about her anymore but I know that isn’t true because when they did see each other it’s like they never have been apart. He is 15. She also has 3 younger ones also and the so miss her. I have talked to the court last to see if they could put in A resident drug treatment long stay so she can become the wonderderful women that she use to be. Tried many times to get a message to her attorney many times to talk to him with no response. If nobody helps she will become homeless again. I’m so glad you story came out great. I hope my daughter end up like your son.

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