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Every day, many die from the disease of alcoholism and addiction, and every day far less recover from the disease, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  As we raise awareness, we can help turn the tide of the battle against this chronic disease that affects so many of us, our friends, and our families. Below is one man’s journey, where he came from, and how he got “Up and Out” of his addiction and into a new way of living; a far more rewarding way of life in recovery.  

The man in this story is Korey Shorb, who is the founder of the Up and Out foundation.  Korey will tell you he should be dead – but today, he is living a life beyond his wildest dreams. Korey started off drinking and smoking marijuana, and that eventually led to heroin.  Before long he was stealing to support his habit, so he turned to dealing.  That led to multiple arrests and jail time, which broke the heart of his mother who loved him with all of her being.  Shorb hit rock bottom in 2008 –  he remembers detoxing from heroin and thinking he never wanted to go through that sickness again.  In this documentary we will take you through Korey’s run to recovery.  Today, nine years sober, Korey has a message of hope.  He relates to the addict and the feelings of uselessness, shame and remorse that they carry with them through their addiction.  Through his love for his family, running and his work in the recovery community, Korey has helped people by talking and bringing to light the reality of his addiction and the places it took him.   His honesty and openness has reached thousands of people who have been touched by this disease in some form or another.  This documentary takes you through Korey’s years of addiction, and how today as a sober man, he is living proof that no matter how far down the scale an addict goes, you will see how your experience can benefit others.  We hope by sharing Korey’s story we can offer hope to addicts and their family that there is a way up and out.

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