Recovery Spotlight: Bradley Meadors

My name is Bradley Meadors, and I’m a real alcoholic. When I put alcohol or other substances in my body, I have absolutely no control on what happens next. I have been imprisoned by this disease since my teenage years; only through treatment and a spiritual program of action have I found relief.  I began running while in a long-term treatment program. The benefits were immediately apparent. I saw running as a way to get into shape; years of substance abuse and the long idle stretches of incarceration had taken a physically toll. I had been confined to a cell for so long…either one furnished by the state, or one of my own construction. I was grateful for the simple opportunity to be outside.  Like everything else it became a habit. I arose before the sun, donned my New Balances, and ran several miles each morning. I soon realized that there was more to running than simple physical activity. Running is a mental sport. Running is a personal challenge that requires discipline. Running has showed me that I can reach seemingly lofty goals and accomplish things I never thought possible, when I devote the necessary energy to them. I have found that, like in life, the hardest part of running is putting your shoes on. I entered my first race while in treatment. The Run for Recovery. Korey Shorb facilitated this. It is through him and people like him, that I have been pushed to run longer and longer distances.  Races are a lot of fun and the running community is filled with many wonderful people. In three years I have been to nearly twenty races; each race bringing personal growth and fond memories. I started running as a way to better myself physically. What I didn’t realize was the spiritual nature of the sport. Running outdoors in natural settings, the ego subsides and an uninterrupted flow of consciousness can be had. I can be at peace with myself and others.  For me, running is an important piece to the puzzle of spiritual growth. I have found great enjoyment in running. It has helped my mind. body. and soul. The literature I read says that as I heal spiritually, the mind and body will follow. My experience confirms this. My name is Bradley and I am a real alcoholic.