Recovery Spotlight: Mike S

I do not write this to sell false dreams or relive any war stories. I only hope my story can inspire others to realize their full potential in this life and to hopefully help others by sharing my story. So, I am a 38 year old alcoholic and addict from Thurmont, Maryland. I attended Catoctin High School. I come from a good loving family in which I am the only member with the disease of addiction. As of June 1 of this year I have managed to accumulate 21 months clean and sober. This is only by the grace of God. While drinking and doing drugs, it started off as just having fun which quickly progressed and proved to be a way of escaping from life’s problems; a way to boost my self-esteem; provide a false sense of bravado. Summed up, I was just a scared little boy that didn’t know how to live life on life’s terms. This in turn resulted in countless arrests, broken hearts, DUIs and ultimately prison. While in prison I needed an outlet to help find some type of inner peace so I began running while at MCTC in Hagerstown. I continued to do so for two years, pushing myself harder and harder over time to reach new higher levels of personal achievement. Running provides a natural high and is my preferred form of meditation as it keeps me focused on my breathing. Today I run for so many more reasons than just myself. I have found there is a huge sense of camaraderie and fellowship among addicts and alcoholics and especially those who are  involved in running. My future in running has yet to be determined but my future goals include running the New York City Marathon,  creating a recovery based team for such events as tough monitors and just continuing to grow and push myself every day. Giving back is what matters to me today. For anyone who needs some words of advice and encouragement share with you the words I live by each and every day, “It all starts with the first step.”