Korey Shorb

An experienced, engaging, and lively public speaker, Korey is available for talks, lectures and Q-and-A sessions.  We believe prevention and community outreach may be one of the most important aspects of our drug and alcohol treatment education.

In addition to Korey’s work in the recovery community, he has received numerous recognitions and awards for his work in Frederick County.  In 2016, he was awarded the DoGood-er Award and in 2013 he was recognized by Senators Barbara Mikulski and Benjamin Cardin for his work with the Frederick County Youthful Offenders Program.  He has also received national recognition from the National Association of Drug Court Professionals.  

What Others Say About Korey

“Korey spoke at my Opioid Addiction Workshop on the recommendation of County Executive Jan Gardner.  Our goal was to provide constituents varying perspectives about the Opioid epidemic and the issue of addiction. His addition to the conversation allowed us to have a frank and candid discussion about issues being faced, how these issues affect our community, and what we can do to help. I felt Korey’s personal journey of overcoming addiction, working to stay sober and being of service to his community was important for others to hear.  Korey brought home the devastating impact that addiction can have on people’s lives and he left us with the hope that we can overcome it.”  

Congressman Delaney

“Korey’s presentation at the recent workshop sponsored by Congressman John Delaney at Winchester Hall was impressive and quite memorable.  Korey spoke eloquently and from the heart, which moved me personally.  His frankness and strength contributed so much to make the workshop a tremendous success.  When he talked about incentives offered during his time going thru the FC Drug Treatment Court Program, it struck a cord with me.  There is a great effort underway on securing MD State approval for the FC Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) – and now a plan to provide small incentives for the best Veteran participant at each court session, funded by private donors to the VTC.  This idea was solidified by listening to Korey and how those incentives made such a big difference.  His Up & Out Foundation is marvelous and continues to give back to help FC and all those struggling with this crippling addiction.  Korey is an amazing inspiration.”

Diana Modelski, Executive Assistant

“Korey speaks from the heart when he shares his story of addiction.  His honest approach to the disease resonates deeply with anyone who is affected by drug addiction.  Korey brings hope to those he meets, and is an inspiration to many who wish to recover from this deadly disease.”

Susan Kenedy, Producer

“Korey’s story is so powerful because it’s so real…. he’s painfully honest about himself and about the behaviors of an active user.    People walk away from his speaking engagements better educated and inspired to think anything is possible.” 

Nanci Hamm, Deputy State’s Attorney for Frederick County, MD

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